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91101 Trenčín, Slovakia
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Official name: EFRA European Championships 1/10th scale 2016
Date: 30. 06. 2016 to 02. 07. 2016
Place: Hudy Arena, Trencin, Slovakia
Host Club: Hudy Arena


Stock Class: 50 €
Formula Class: 50 €

Organizing Commitee

Project Manager: Martin Krivoš


EFRA Refree: Markus Winkler
Assistant Refree: Hudy Arena crew
Race Director: Vojta Novický
Assistant Race Director: Hudy Arena crew
Chief Technical Inspector: Hudy Arena crew
Technical Inspector, EFRA: Hudy Arena crew
Chief Timekeeper: Vladimír Šeliga
Marketing & Media: Martin Krivoš
Track: Hudy Arena crew



The race runs according to EFRA General EC and EFRA Eletric on-road rules.

Batteries and motors are homologated by EFRA. Current lists can be found from EFRA website at

Tires for 1/10 touring class

Price: 20 Eur
Payment at the track

Tires for 1/10 touring class for rain

LRP VTEC Rain Tire Dunlop D20
Price: 20 Eur
Payment at the track

Tires for formula class

Ride Formula front tires 26030
Price: 18 Eur
Ride Formula rear tires 26031
Price: 20 Eur
Payment at the track

Tire Additive

According to EFRA tire additive rules.

Approved Frequencies

2.4 GHz band 2.4000 - 2.4835 GHz

Race Timing

Time keeping will be done with AMB system.


Race Week Schedule:
DAY 1 30. 06. 2016 THURSDAY
08:00 Team Managers Meeting
09:00 5 Timed Practices
2 Control Practices
Team Managers Meeting
Opening Ceremony
DAY 2 01. 07. 2016 FRIDAY
07:00 Team Managers Meeting
08:00 1 Timed Practice
5 Qualifying Rounds
DAY 3 02. 07. 2016 SATURDAY
08:00 Team Managers Meeting
09:00 1 Timed Practice
3 Final Rounds
Unofficial Prize Giving
Final Results
Prize Giving Ceremony


The rain will not stop the racing at Hudy Arena. In case of adverse weather forecast the race will be held at indoor asphalt track. As such you have guarantee that no matter the weather conditions you will have the fun and you will enjoy the racing.
  • One of the world’s largest and most professional RC car racing facilities
  • Purpose-designed and built facility (25000m2)
  • Large outdoor 1/10 – 1/8 on-road asphalt track
  • Indoor carpet 1/10 electric touring car track
  • Indoor asphalt 1/10 electric touring car track
  • Indoor carpet 1/10 off-road track
  • Large permanent pit area for 70 drivers + 150 drivers in temporary pit
  • Large in-house parking with 100+ parking places
  • Free high-speed WiFi
  • Comfortable plastic chairs for 250+ drivers
  • Comfortable large pit tables with electricity
  • Mylaps timekeeping with 4 independent loops
  • 15 large LCD & plasma screens for live race results
  • Full audio coverage with 20 high-quality speakers, 3 portable microphones
  • Race control room with 4 monitors
  • Visitor area
  • Private meeting room
  • Interview room
  • Outdoor & indoor cleaning room with compressed air
  • First class restaurant and Italian pizza
  • “Chill out zone” with luxury leather sofas
  • Children area & playground
  • Premium Slovak draught beer
  • Camping
  • Luxurious washroom & shower facilities
  • Security monitored parking
Hudy Arena rules Charging is allowed only in safety bags.
Working on pit tables is allowed only on a pit towel.
Rostrum Race control is located next to the rostrum.
Room for 10 drivers at a time; 80cm of space for each driver is available. Referee area is on a balcony behind the rostrum (@ 2.8m high).
Security Pit area is secured by cameras and an alarm system.
Track parameters Size: 24 x 22 meters
Carpet: ETS black carpet
Media coverage RC Racing TV will be the official partner to provide live coverage of the event. Reporting is avaible via EFRA website during the event
Accomodation The following map will help you find the most suitable accommodation for you:
Attention The track will be closed for 1 week before the event


During the EC, the Hudy Arena will be preparing a special daily menu:
BREAKFAST (served from 8:00 till 10:30am)
Danish pastry

PIZZA (served from 11:00am)
Margaritta + 3 extra ingredients
Extra add on (blue cheese, mozzarella, ham, bacon, corn, mushrooms, egg, tomato, parmesan, bries)

MAIN COURSE (served from 11:00am)
Ceasar salad with chicken
5.95 €
Home made Goulash
4.95 €
Grilled sausage
3.75 €
Home made beef Burger
5.00 €
Mix grill skewer
6.00 €
Tuscan chicken
7.50 €
Club steak
9.00 €



Bratislava Airport : located 122 km from Hudy Arena. Travel to Hudy Arena takes approximately 1.15 hours
along the highway.

Vienna Airport

Located 191 km from Hudy Arena. Travel to Hudy Arena takes approximately 2 hours along the highway.

Rental Cars

All regular rental car companies operate at the Bratislava and Vienna Airports. You can book your rental car at:


Another travel option to Trencin is to take train from Bratislava. Railway station is 30 minutes from the Bratislava Airport and you can take bus number 61 to get to the railway station or taxi.


You can book your shuttle at: or +421 903 228113. Transport from Vienna to Bratislava
costs 100€ for car.
Taxi Services in Bratislava Taxis are provided by taxi services, with cost
of 10€ throughout city.
TAXI Caribic +421 2 165 55
TAXI Hello +421 2 163 21
TAXI Presporok +421 904 700 699
TAXI Fun +421 905 916 777
Taxi Services in Trencin Taxis are provided by taxi services, with cost
of 3€ to 5€ throughout city.
TAXI Daro +421 911 576 651
TAXI Dodo +421 902 880 868
TAXI Life +421 903 442 844
TAXI Laugo +421 914 123 123
TAXI Royal +421 911 149 093



The City of Trencin, Slovakia is in the center of the Povazie region. Thanks to its advantageous location, Trencin is an important commercial, economic, cultural, and sports center. It is also known as the "City of Fashion." Numerous institutions and companies have their headquarters and branches located in Trencin. Expositions and fairs also have a long-time tradition in Trencin. Current population of Trencin is 60,000.

Trencin is located in the western part of Slovakia on the Trencianska basin. The river Vah runs north/south through the middle of the City, the east the City is bordered by the massif of the Povazsky Inovec and Strazovske vrchy, and to the west by the ledges of the Biele Karpaty.

The City has a mild climate with temperatures on March around 0 degree Celsius.

Trencin belongs to the oldest Slovak cities and has very rich history with many monuments.

For more information about the City, pleasevisit the official website of the City of Trencin at:


Money & Credit Cards

The national currency is Euro.

Foreign currency may be exchanged in banks Monday to Friday 8.00 - 17.00.

Banks have several cash dispensers throughout the City. Banks usually operate on Visa/MasterCard/Maestro,
as well as most shops and restaurants.


City tap water is safe to drink.


Electric current in Slovakia is 230 volts and 50Hz. Plugs and sockets are the same as in continental countries
of the European union.

Medical Services

All hospitals have doctors on duty around the clock. In emergencies, patients should be directed to a health
care center or hospital emergency unit.

Medicines are sold at pharmacies/drug store (LEKÁREŇ).

Useful Telephone Numbers:

Fire & rescue service, police: 112
Info assistant: 12111
Bratislava Airport: +421 2 330 333 53
Vienna Airport: +431 7 007 222 33
Infotel Trencin: +421 32 6504 711


Sports Hall

One good way to spend your free time is sport. Trencin is well known as a city of sports. If you are interested in playing badminton, squash, golf on simulator, or bowling, we recommend you visit M-Sport hall at: or contact them at: +421 903 770 136


For those who are looking for relaxation, we recommended to visit our relaxation & wellness centrum in hotel Magnus.
For more info visit:

Laser Game

For more action fun, try to visit Laser Game. You can make your reservation at: +421 948 345 484

Moto Karts

If you want a different kind of motosport fun, come and ride the first indoor arena with eletric karts in Central
and Eastern Europe. Check the Kart hall at:


Speranza Hviezdoslavova 4, 91101 Trenčín

phone: +421 32 743 24 91
delivery service avaible
Doppio MR.Štefánika 426, 91101 Trenčín
phone: +421 948 300
delivery service avaible
Pizzeria da Giacomo Legionárska 17, 91101 Trenčín
phone: +421 32 658 32 26
For more restaurants visit: